Kaunas infirmaries

Kaunas had five institutions looking after the sick and poor. Its first infirmary was established in 1519 next to the Franciscan church on the then Panemunės (contemporary Aleksoto) Street near the bank of the River Nemunas. It was looked after and supervised by the Kaunas magistrate. It was known by three names – the Old, the Great and the Town infirmary. In 1529, next to the parish church (the modern-day cathedral), a second infirmary was established. From the second half of the 16th century, the Kaunas Lutheran community had their own separate infirmary and in 1605, Ambraziejus Beinartas, a Vilnius canon priest from Kaunas, funded another Kaunas infirmary, which was named after him. One more infirmary was established in 1750 and ran by the monks of the St. Roch Order at St. Gertrude church.

Liudas Glemža

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