Fire fighting in Kaunas of the 18th century

Kaunas old town was devastated by fires many times, but the fires of 1732 and 1801 were most memorable for the losses they incurred. The rules of fire protection were tightened in the 8th decade of the 18th century. The changes did not originate from Kaunas town council, but were initiated by orders of state institutions and Seimas laws, and also by the incitement from the army headquarters stationed in Kaunas. The changes started with the tightened laws for saunas, breweries and bakeries, and requirements for chimneys and a fire fighting inventory. The magistrate wasn’t successful in implementing the new rules and the townspeople’s attitude remained lenient. The first orders by the Russian Tsarist government did not change the situation either.

Liudas Glemža

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