Brickyards of old Kaunas

At the beginning of the 17th century the Polish chronicler, Alessandro Guagnini, referred to Kaunas as a “stone town”. The town brickyard was primarily required for the construction of the town communal buildings, and the remaining bricks were also sold to townspeople for the construction of private houses. The town brickyard worked all the time, although the magistrate’s attention depended on the demands of the town. When the scale of construction work diminished, the brickyard was neglected. Just as in the 16th century, in the 18th century the magistrate once again put efforts into renovating the existing brickyard and the establishment of a new brickyard due to the construction and reconstructions of the Town Hall. From the 17th century, Kaunas brickyard was established on the opposite bank of the River Nemunas. From 1779 onwards Kaunas had two brickyards (the second was in Eiguliai district).

Liudas Glemža

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