Architectural research of Kaunas Lutheran Holy Trinity Church

Address: Kauno m. sav., Kauno m., Muitinės g. 8A

The Lutheran community acquired their first stone building near the main Town Hall square in 1558. From 1577 in this private house the Lutheran church started functioning and public mass was taken. The site of the building is indicated near the edge of the Town Hall square, near the contemporary Muziejaus Street, though the exact location is not known. The new church was constructed in 1682-1683 near the River Nemunas (in the 14th block of the old town), in the further end of the land plot. The construction of the church was organised by the priest David Rüdel (Dovydas Riudelis). Inside, a stone organ choir and Baroque pulpit were created, and the interior was decorated with woodcarvings. In 1692 Johan Hofman the Younger constructed the main altar with woodcarvings. Behind the altar, parts of wall murals have remained, depicting architectural elements.

Mindaugas Bertašius